We use the power of 3D modeling and CAD drawings to transform ideas into reality. We do this through the following services:

Prototypes and Patent Drawings

Do you have an idea for a better mousetrap? Do you have an idea for a new product, but are not sure where to get started? Often people have inspirations for new innovations, but don’t always know the granular details of what they want to achieve, or how. Leverage the expertise of CompuCAD to develop workable, research-backed prototypes and models and see your idea take shape.

We can walk you through components of the process you may not have considered including financial feasibility and the various manufacturing approaches and techniques. We help you understand the many design and logistics decisions that need to be made through complex processes of prototyping, patenting, permitting and manufacturing.

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Mechanical and Manufacturing - Part drawings and Assembly Drawings

When it comes to manufacturing and machine design, you need accurate, readable part drawings and/or assembly drawings so that contractors and manufacturers can bring your projects to life. We consult with our clients to ensure they receive designs that meets their specific business, industrial or commercial requirements. Drawing on diligent Research & Development practices, we use AutoCAD software to develop prototype, patent drawings, and complex part and assembly drawings. Examples of various applications include:

  • Plastic injection mouldings (consumer products and commercial solutions)
  • Customized industrial innovations and supplies (e.g. customized commercial vehicle or industrial facility add-ons)
  • Aerospace designs for modifying aircrafts and helicopters
  • Sheet metal fabrication

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Architectural drawings, 3D modeling and virtual walk-throughs

Sometimes a blueprint just isn’t enough to visualize a new space. Turn your 2D blueprint into a 3D model and virtually “walk through” your new space with CompuCAD’s 3D modeling and virtual walk-throughs.

Additionally, we’ve worked with builders to develop drawings for customized client requests of up to 600 square meters in architecture. We develop blue prints, permit drawings and working plans for municipal approval.

Typical projects include:

  • Residential add-ons (e.g. decks, sun rooms, etc.)
  • Mixed use building add-ons
  • 3D modeling and virtual walk-throughs

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Electrical diagrams and schematics

Smart electrical design allows you to harness the power of lightning. It is key to a successful engineering project. We build schematics and diagrams for your residential or commercial electrical needs including full wiring assemblies and locations of electrical panels, lighting systems, power systems, harnesses, power distribution and more.

  • Electrical diagrams – allow for contractors to conduct seamless implementation of your electrical through clear schematic symbol diagrams including electrical layout, lighting system integration and specifications wiring diagrams and more.
  • Electrical Schematics – adhere to regulatory standards by having electrical schematic drawings available during construction.
  • Diagram wire codes can also be exported to spreadsheets for further clarity and processing by assemblers and manufacturers.


CAD Training

Years of real-world experience makes a better teacher than any textbook. We equip your students with the knowledge that they need for a future in CAD drafting with live training. Why send your students to your computer teacher for drafting lessons when you can connect them with an expert?

  • On-line lessons over live streaming video
  • One-on-one tutoring
  • Fun and engaging projects with 3d-printed results