About Us

Founded and headed by Wolfgang (Wolf) Schmitz in 1988, CompuCAD has provided tens of thousands of drawings and design solutions to clients across a diverse mix of industries. From complex aerospace designs and custom industrial solutions, to simple yet innovative retail solutions, CompuCAD uses the magic of 3D CAD modeling to compliment 2D sketches and designs, including photorealistic renderings and animations.


Based in Victoria B.C. Wolf Schmitz is a skilled technologist with nearly three decades of general engineering, designing and drafting experience. Specializing in the disciplines of Mechanical and Manufacturing, Architecture, Electrical and Civil, Schmitz brings extensive experience in both manual and computerized drafting with particular proficiency in AutoCAD 3D, including programming. Schmitz also does CAD training on the side and currently teaches AutoCAD courses to high school students across Canada through Sterling Education.

Having consulted with governments, engineering firms, architects, retailers and businesses in multiple industries, Schmitz has served a host of notable clients, including:

  • AP Plastics Inc
  • Angel Accessibility Solutions
  • Cantec/Tecnet Fire Alarm Systems
  • City of Victoria/Conference Centre
  • Freshwater Fisheries BC
  • Gregg’s Marine Interiors Ltd
  • Harbour Door Service
  • Min. of Transportation & Highways
  • Min. of Environment, Lands & Parks
  • Morris & Schooley Construction Ltd
  • National Research Council NRC
  • Prism Medical Ltd.
  • Seabridge Baths
  • Sherwood Industries Ltd.
  • Peterson Engineering Ltd.
  • Petro Barrier Systems Inc.
  • Philbrooks Boatyard Ltd.
  • SPAR Consultants
  • Sterling Education
  • Teresen/Centra Gas Ltd.
  • Robotics System Research Ltd.
  • VIH Aerospace Ltd.
  • VIH Logging Ltd.
  • Vancouver Island Helicopters Ltd.
  • Numerous private individuals and entrepreneurs

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